Intimate Art Temporary Tattoos for the Breast

Temporary Tattoos for the Breast
Safe • Stunning • Easy to Apply


About Us

Intimate Art Temporary Tattoos started in 1997 as an expression of creative admiration for the human body. We hope that they can help you to see yourself in a different way, to learn something about how you show up in your world, and to illuminate the beauty in your body.

We are thrilled with the wide array of responses we have received. From the young woman grappling with self-image to the older woman learning to love her post-mastectomy body. From the gay man looking for fun to the couple who rekindled something lost. Intimate Art Tattoos have inspired, awakened, incited, and challenged people of every age and gender. What may they do for you?



We are a tiny company of family and friends who are dedicated to art, beauty, love and connection. We like to feel that our work helps spread awareness and healing in the feminine and masculine in all of us. Join us to make our world a little better by finding the power of the beauty in yourself.

Black Ivy Temporary Art Tattoo
Red Hearts Temporary Art Tattoo
Rainbow Rings Temporary Art Tattoo
Cornflower Temporary Art Tattoo
Tlaxcala  Temporary Art Tattoo Black Spiral  Temporary Art Tattoo Tribal Temporary Art Tattoo Celtic Braid Temporary Art Tattoo Teal Teardrop Temporary Art Tattoo Orange Lotus Temporary Art Tattoo Carousel Temporary Art Tattoo Fireball Temporary Art Tattoo Pucker Temporary Art Tattoo

Intimate Art Tattoos™ PO Box 8156 Emeryville CA 94662
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